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'Redlynch Players are to be applauded for their choice of play. It is adventurous, inventive, imaginative and a refreshing change from the standard Am Dram staples we are fed with sometimes.

I heartily recommend this as an evening of interesting and enthralling story telling'


Chaz Davenport - SceneOne Plus on Watership Down - Autumn 2018

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Backstage News - April/May 2020


Well, as events have turned out, our plans for the Spring Production have been put on hold for the time being.  Let It Be Me will now be performed on the Autumn so we have plenty of time to prepare ourselves and be ready to come back with this super play for you all!

Of course, whilst we are in lockdown, the members of Redlynch Players are keeping themselves busy in a variety of different ways. Us ‘resting’ actors are never idle!

I asked some members for an update, memory or anecdote from their time with us.  Here are some of them:


Rather than give something up for Lent, I decided to tidy my work room. This unexpected extra time has enabled me to accelerate this long overdue job! During my efforts I came across scores of Redlynch Players photographs, this of course slowed  down the work as I browsed through the pictures.

One photo, in particular. made me laugh out loud at the memory it invoked!

We were performing "Confusions"  by Alan Ayckbourne. The final scene, "A Talk in the Park" sees five of us cast members sitting on five wooden stools. At the final performance  just as we were about to go on, the stage manager whispered urgently that one of the stools had become rickety, but had forgotten which one! We had no choice but to play the scene.

We all sat very nervously wondering if we were the unlucky actor. We didn't make it!

Near the end of the scene one stool did give way, it was bearing the oldest actress!

Luckily she was only shaken and not injured! Both she and we laughed afterwards and since, but not at the time!

Ron Perry


Sometimes as entertaining as being on stage is (and it is!), there are often funny moments backstage too. In one play, we had designed an outdoor area where a door opened from backstage onto the stage. A lunch bag had forgotten to be set in a scene and there was no way of getting it onstage via an actor, so the stage manager (Val) had to crawl along the outdoor area. Just as she was almost setting the bag, the door was flung open by Ron onstage. Val jumped back, Ron had to mask his surprise as he quietly picked up the lunch bag and carried on with the scene, while Val was crunched into the smallest ball I’ve seen. We don’t think the audience ever knew...well we hope not!  

Sarah Newman


It’s all very strange have so much time to 'rest' and the regular contact and fun that we have in such a tight knit group is something that I am missing!

However there is always plenty to do - I have taken the time to review all the paperwork I have as Treasurer of the group. We had bank statements going back over 10 year so the shredder has been out to deal with that!

I have continued to plan the music and sound effects for 'Let It Be Me' which we very much hope we can perform in the autumn! The cast and crew have all signed up to do it at the end of November so watch this space! 

Lloyd Perry


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